What You Need to Know Before Selling Your Home

Before you sell your property, you should first find out the condition of its systems and components. Inspector Zapper offers comprehensive home inspection to help you decide whether to fix existing problems or to lower your price for potential buyers.

Services Offered

Pre-Owned Buyers Home Inspections

If you are a homebuyer planning to buy a pre-owned home for sale, I can perform thorough inspections to determine any major problems with the property. This way, you can know the details about the home’s condition before you close the deal.

Move-In Certified Seller Inspections

As a seller, it is your responsibility to find any safety or repair issues before agents and prospective buyers tour your property. I am skilled and experienced in examining your home for any defects or problems and helping you realistically price your property.

New Home Construction Inspections

Even though a home is newly constructed, it can still have issues. New home construction inspections can help you ensure that you’re getting a safe and hazard-free property before you move in. During the process, I will look for structural defects, window leaks, HVAC issues, and other problems that the builder might have missed.

Construction Phase Inspections

This type of inspection allows builders and property owners to catch problems and make appropriate corrections before the next phase of construction begins. They're three common construction phase inspections are the foundation, frame, and final inspection.

Warranty Inspections

If you are planning to have a home built, I can help you protect your investment by getting a warranty inspection. I will examine the property and find major deficiencies and issues that your builder is responsible for. Make sure to consult with an experienced home inspector before the 12-month warranty expires.

What to Do During Home Inspections

My name is Michael Zapper, and I am your trusted partner in making your home sellable. Before listing your home, you can schedule a consultation with me to discuss your property’s history, including any damage sustained as well as renovation and remodeling work. Also, make sure that your home is in a fully operational condition so that I can check everything from ceiling fans to water lines.


Learn About What You’re Selling

My services ensure that you can easily sell your property for the best price. Get in touch with me today to set an appointment.